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Death before Life, is not to be recomended!

I was a succesfull consultant psychologist (Dr) travelling the world and working for Fortune 500 companies and had average earings of approximatly £500,000 per year. I had every material pocession you could image, 2 homes, new car every year, fine clothes and good food. I stayed in beautiful hotels and had expensive holidays, always travelling first class. I used to look at something I wanted, and assess it it time working, if I wanted a £1000 PC I would justify it to myself "I can buy that, its only a days work" My two sons were at expensive boarding schools and I once brought a pedigree dog that was £3000. There are none so blind as those who can not see.

Sadly deep down inside me, I was miserable. I was like having a black hole, that could never be filled even with my excesive lifestyle. Materialism could never satify me, I was like a walking dead man. What di I have to look forward too?

One day my wife, a good Christian woman, gently suggested I go to a local Alpha course. I didnt really beleive in God, but I thought I would go anyway, because i wasnt doing anything Tuesday nights, and I like a good arguement. Desides those Christians would be sitting ducks (laugh) if I used my high IQ (pride was a real problem for me)

If I remember, it was a 10 week course, every Tuesday. On that first night I heard the speaker Nicky Gumble say that Christ same for sinners, not for the righteous, I suddenly felt like standing up and shouting out "Thats me, he came to save me" Immediatly I saw my whole life from a different perspective. I didnt like what I saw. I went home and hardly said Goodnight to my wife, and just went to bed. I remember getting on my knees and saying what I was told later, is called the sinners prayer to Jesus Christ, I asked for forgiveness, told Him how sorry I was and could he please give me the gift of the Holy Spirit.

The next day got up early intending to prune my roses, (despite having a gardener) I like to play at it.

So I was in the garden, and my wife brought me out a cup of tea, when I realised tears were running down my face. I had been dwelling about the previous evening. The psychologist in me couldnt explain it. Between my sobs, I blurted out to her " My life is a mess, Im living it all wrong. Ive got to turn everthing around" My wife gently suggested I come back into the house so we could talk. I couldnt stop the tears for hours and thinking, what do I do now. I had willing surrendered my life to Christ, now I belonged to Him. He lived in me.

After that everthing really did change. I started going to different churches but never felt really comfortable. I didnt like all the ritual and dogma, I needed to set my Spirit free and these churches didnt seem to allow for that. Finally I stumbled into a Pentecostal church. What I saw and heard, I knew I had come home I got baptised shortly after and received two prophesies. The first was from the Pastor during his preach he stoped and called me by name, he said God told me to tell tou not to worry as one door closes another will open and I needed to know that God had taken time to prepare me for something I needed to do.

I had stopped working, but then again I could afford too, I was only 50 years old and I became a real local Apostle. I studied my bible hard, read it all every year. I also learnt to pray just like I was speaking to my father (which of course I was)

One evening in 2016, the Holy spirit inspired me to use all my skills this special thing God wanted me to do. Soon after, the second prophet told me he saw me surrounded by thousand of people. He knew it was me, but he couldnt see my face. At the time, I couldnt make sense of it A few nights later during meditation, the Holy Spitit asked me " Why are you not following Jesus Christs command to go out and make disciples the whole world?" Like Moses my first respnses was "No not me Lord, Im too old, I cant do it.

I discussed it with my wife and after prayer, we agreed that when God ask you to do something, there is no choice in the matter. I tehn recalled having been told by the first prophet, that God had taken all these years preparing me for what His plan was. I was a specialist in building organisations and planning and IT I started going on missionary trips and preaching and praying with the lost. I decide to go on mission First to India, and then onto Kenya.

Whilst in Kenya the Pentecostal Bishop I was working for told me that she saw Christ in me and she asked me if I would be prepared to be ordained. I immediately agreed and became Revd Peter in the International Pentecostal Church.

Back in the UK I was working 12 - 15 hour days, and was using all my professional skills I started to develop the organisation. I knew my way round the internet skills and I would embrace these to build an internet platform around the world, gaining access to millions of people . The next day I put my hands on the computer and created our first Facebook group with 30 Christian friends. That night I hardly slept, worrying if anyone else would join us. Imagine my surprise waking to find 3,000 members had joined in 12 hours. Praise God.

Since then Christian Warriors for God had really taken off. We soon had 300+ Facebook ministries, one in every country of the world with 200 affilated churches and our own internet church and Pentecostal Federation. We had our own delux website (pride still a problem) yet the impact of our evangelism was being acknowledged by Preachers like Joyce Myers and the Billy Graham Foundation. More importantly, I was humbled by the emails I received telling me how lives had been changed through Jesus.

A year after my ordination as a Revd, I was elevated to Bishop primarily beause of my ministry work in Christian Warriors for God which by now was an acknowledged church and had obtained charity status in the UK. The Holy Spirit gave me two key scriptures, "whosoever does this for the least of these my brother and sisters, do it for me" Matthew 25v40 and "faith without deeds is dead" James 2v26 These became CWFG driving scriptures. I didnt want us to be "sanitised Christians" I needed to get down and dirty as Christ did.

Today my life feels blessed, Im working for God, he is the boss. Im humbled just being His servant. By the Holy Spirit, my family and friends have seen real changes in me, probably because I am at peace with the Lord and I praise Him for giving me the gift of joy and kindness (generosity) with others. I assume it was Gods plan to have an impatient old man, so he could make this happen.

Today I live modestly, Each month all my excess income to the charity to help others and cover our costs. Im 71 years old yet, not very well, Ive got cancer and awaiting sugery. I can say with all honesty I fear no evil. I know God still has plenty for me to do. So if my friend call me driven and obsessive. I remind them Im the psychologist (laugh) aand there is no such thing as normal, only average.

So the moral of my testimony, is get lucky, find God when you are young, worldly thngs mean little. Nuture you Spirit, he is patiently waiting for you.

May the peace of the Lord be with you all, today, tomorrow and forever more.

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