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Updated: Feb 8, 2022


We believe that God calls us for the priesthood, however, we know that formal ordination is seen as a prerequisite in the secular world, showing validation by the world.

This programme is specifically designed for “self-appointed” pastors to obtain a creditable worldwide qualification and thus impact their influence.

The programme is provided with two options

  1. Certificate

  2. Diploma

The Certificate if successful can lead to ordination as a Pastor. The Diploma leads to ordination as a Pentecostal Revd.

Both programmes are six months long, the content varies in both. The theology is the same, but in the Certificate, the content only has only 25% of the management and leadership training component.

Both are tough, vigorous intensive programmes with two elements each taught by specialist professors

(a) Theology

(b) Management and Leadership

The Diploma has 2 lessons a week, each lesson with scored assignments.

It requires a minimum of 4+ hours of study a week.

Across the whole programme the standard pass requires an average of 60% (for 50 assignments) The material in this programme is a Master’s degree level.

For the Certificate, the content varies so there is one lesson (theology) per week plus once a month an additional lesson on management and leadership Across the whole programme the standard pass requires an average of 55% (for approx 32 assignments)

The programme is delivered entirely online through Podcasts, Video and through Face to Face meetings. Mentoring is available to those who seek it.

The lead personnel are

Professor Senior Pastors Andrew Witman Ph.D. (USA)

Professor Dr. Bishop Peter James (UK)

Revd Margaret Velez Cruz - Coordinator

The programme will be delivered (and the award given) through the Worldwide Pentecostal Federation although all denominations are welcome. Ordination by Dr Bishop Peter will only be into the Pentecostal church.

Finally, there will be fees, however, these are based on your personal financial circumstances which will be discussed and agreed in confidence with you.

Naturally, those living in third-world countries will not be charged as those from richer nations.

We strongly feel fees enhance not only your self-esteem but are a measure of your commitment. All fees paid to go to the charity to assist in providing other events.

Fees are paid in installments, 33% at the beginning, 33% after 3 months, and the final installment on completion. Failure to meet payment of fees results in immediate removal from the programme,

For quality control, there are only 15 students per programme. Programmes a run yearly

If interested please contact the Chair of the board Revd Margaret at

The closing date for applications for this years Program has now closed. All applications received after closure will forwarded by Revd Margaret and held on our waiting list.

An announcement will be made in September 2022 for new applicants, places booked on the basis of first come.

Blessings in the name of Christ.

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