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Heal My Spirit

Heal me, oh Lord. Heal me in my body, for it is broken and pained from the afflictions of sin.

Heal me in my mind, for it is filled with love for the things of the world, and I suffer for my disobedience to you.

Heal me in my words, for they escape my lips in vain.

Heal me in my heart, for I too often judge others, resent others, grow angry and nurse my grievances.

Heal me in my life. Like a stupid and headstrong sheep, I have wandered from your path until I became lost in the desert of pride.

And above all, I implore you: Heal me in my spirit.

I am battle-ravaged by my sin, sick by my own will. The pure spirit you gave me is wreckage and rubble. I regret every abuse of your gifts. Forgive me, dear Christ, and replenish me with your infinite mercy, with your pure, clear, perfect love, until I am restored to the perfect beauty and peace of soul that can be found only by your grace.


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