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Updated: Nov 30, 2021

Very soon the Worldwide Pentecostal Federations will be the worlds 2nd unifying organisation closely behind The Catholic Church. Official site is being built with over 4 million members already on the role and hundreds more applying every day.

Why has this caught fire so fast? The answer is simple. Pentecostals have for so long been seen as irrelevant (a voice crying in the darkness) to the traditional denominations – God anointed us to change this situation by building a Federation that cannot be ignored or disregarded by other faiths.

1ts January 2022 will see the official launch of this charitable/NGO Federation, work continues to meet this deadline.

Its free to join, and the benefits are manyfold.

Simple contact to get your name on the role as a member. When emailing please include name(so of churches, country(s) total size of all congregations and if possible add a couple of pics for the website.

Also please make sure you join the Facebook Group of the same name, this will keep you up to date with all developments and involve you when voting for Federation officers

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