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Suffering - How have we got it so wrong?

The place of suffering as a Christian is in a pandemic state. Why because it is so often taught in the universal church today. Such ministers are a disgrace for going against the Word of God.

Since 325 AD the church has taught us all about evil, as a result many baptised "Christians" live lives without riches honour and life. Its all suffering, misery, poverty, despair, sickness, drama, want, and disaster. Some Christians even take pride in their suffering. Ane it is all WRONG.

Firstly God doesn't bring suffering, sure we will have trials but these are concerned with moulding us to his will, not to cause us pain. Its part of Gods plan for us.

Why does this so called suffering happen? Simply because we are living lives on the evil list and as a result God will eventually turn his face away from us.

We need to take every thought capture and replace evil words of our mouth (that come from our thinking) with the good list words of beauty, bountiful, plenty, abundance, health, prosperity. All the things Christ taught us.

Its ironic that in teaching "the good news" we may become unpopular. So many Christians programme themselves for self destruction.

We all suffer, but we should seek to embrace it and endure through faith, focusing on the good list, rather than complaining about our suffering.

For me misery in life is an optional extra, I choose not to take upon myself, and all is well in my soul.

Eyes on the Cross.

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